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If you’ve ever been looking for custom, out-of-stock products, chances are you’ve heard of group buying. Group buying is a solution to make potential product designs or custom products out of stock become available for purchase.

For many mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, bulk buying may be the only way to acquire a specific product. Knowing which vendors to look for is the next step once you’ve figured out how to join a bulk purchase. Figuring out where to turn can seem daunting at first, luckily we’ve got you covered to look in the right direction.

There are a bunch of reliable communities that run frequent group buying. While there is always an inherent risk, given that the process involves paying now and hopefully receiving later, group buying is still a pretty safe option if it is with a trusted community and that ‘they have a product that you desire.

There is a list of popular group buying communities here, offering a good idea of ​​the options available. Here are our top recommendations for group purchasing providers.

Image via MechGroupBuys

MechGroupBuys offers a range of current and upcoming group purchases, with product information detailing start and end dates, base price and type of sale. They also provide a Discord channel, so diving straight into their community and talking with other like-minded enthusiasts is a cinch.

Image via Geekhack

Geekhack is a community of keyboard enthusiasts who communicate mainly through their online forum. Right off the bat, they provide a detailed list of group buying rules and guidelines that describe everything from what a group buy is to who can create a group buy feed, as well as the requirements for. group purchase. Their slogan is “caveat emptor”, which in Latin means “let the buyer beware”. Some great tips to keep in mind when making a bulk purchase.

Image via Kbdfans

In addition to providing bulk purchasing services, kbdfans offers a host of diverse products including key caps, accessories, switches, fully assembled keyboards, and more. So if what you are looking for is not planned for a future bulk purchase, you might find what you are looking for in their store.

Image via Deskhero

Deskhero presents a collection of unique key chains and office mats from their group shopping section. Their website also has a useful filtering feature, so it’s easy to figure out exactly what you’re looking for.

Image via CannonKeys

Another reputable website to check out is CannonKeys. They aim to solve the problem of affordable keyboard kits that enthusiasts can use to find out their personal preferences. When it comes to aesthetics, CannonKeys offers a variety of clean-looking product designs, using many soft colors of white and light gray. This is especially true in their ghost themed products.


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