Beluga: the Duca di Salaparuta brands are in the BELUGA GROUP portfolio


BELUGA GROUP continues to expand the portfolio of imported wines. In January 2022, the agreement with the Italian company Duca di Salaparuta on the distribution of Sicilian brands: Duca di Salaparuta, Florio and Corvo, – entered into force.

Duca di Salaparuta has a history of 198 years. The company was founded in 1824, simultaneously with two brands: Duca di Salaparuta and Corvo, in Castaldaccia on the island of Sicily. The founder, Giuseppe Alliata, Duke of Salaparuta, a passionate wine connoisseur, turned his passion into a profession by setting up the production of French-style wines from the native Sicilian grape varieties Nero d’Avola, Grillo, Frappato, Moscato Bianco , Pinot Nero, Vermentino and others, in his private domain of Castaldaccia. The Duca di Salaparuta brands represent Sicily in the wine world.

Premium Duca di Salaparuta wines are created from the indigenous Sicilian grape varieties Nerello Mascalese, Nero d’Avola, Grillo and others. For them, the most suitable location is selected in three vineyards located in different parts of the island: in the Vajasindi estate on the slopes of Etna, in the Risignolo estate, along the Salemi hills and in the Suor Marques in central Sicily.

Corvo’s delicate and elegant red and white wines were the first Sicilian wines to be bottled and have become an absolute innovation in local winemaking. Today, Corvo wines are presented in the middle segment. To ensure the required production volumes, the brand cooperates with Sicilian winegrowers, controlling every stage of grape ripening and supporting vineyard management. Production is carried out in two facilities belonging to Duca di Salaparuta: fermentation – in Aspra, and aging – in Casteldaccia.

The top-of-the-range Florio brand, created in 1833 by Vincenzo Florio, represents Marsala wines, created with respect for Sicilian winemaking traditions. The grapes for the iconic sweet fortified wines are grown in the warm and airy coastal region of Marsala and on nearby islands.

Duca di Salaparuta wines have repeatedly received prestigious industry awards and have entered reputable rankings such as Wine Enthusiast, Decanter Awards, Falstaff, WOW the Italian Wine Competition, Vinum, Wine Advocat, Berebene, Wine Spectator, TEXSOM, the Wine Hunter Awards, Mundis Vini, Vinous and others.

About the Duke of Salaparuta

The Duca di Salaparuta group is the largest private wine group in Sicily. The company has three historical wine brands that represent Sicily and Italy in the world: Corvo and Duca di Salaparuta, founded in 1824, and Florio, founded in 1833. Each of them represents a specific area of ​​the island and expresses the unique character of its terroir.

Duca di Salaparuta is one of the most advanced wine companies in Italy, combining experience and traditions with modern technologies and methods. Since its foundation in 1824, Duca di Salaparuta has worked with native Sicilian grape varieties. All the vinification processes, from the arrival of the harvest in the cellar to the storage of the wines, are subject to extensive computer supervision, thus ensuring total traceability of the product and minimizing production anomalies.


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