AZ Big Media Mangat Group plans to build 20,000 seater stadium in Buckeye


The Mangat Group, a Glendale-based land development group, today announced plans to build a world-class cricket stadium to serve the international cricket community in Buckeye, Arizona. The 20,000-seat stadium, known as MG Cricket Stadium, will sit on 30 acres located north of the I-10 freeway on Miller Road.

“Although cricket has been played for many years in other countries, it is growing in popularity here in the United States with many athletes, both professional and amateur,” said Tony Mangat, founder of the Mangat Group. “Places for cricket players and fans are limited as matches have been played on baseball and football grounds in recent years. Our aim is to create a dedicated place for all cricket enthusiasts to enjoy. can enjoy the sport with precise accommodations and appropriate pitch dimensions.

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Although there are cricket complexes in Los Angeles, Indianapolis and Pearland, Texas, MG Cricket Stadium will be the second ICC-certified cricket stadium in North America, the first west of the Mississippi and the first stadium in Arizona State Cricket. The only other ICC-certified stadium is located in Lauderhill, Florida.

Earlier this year, USA Cricket partnered with American Cricket Enterprises (ACE) to create an American T20 Professional Cricket League which will hopefully lead to the creation of Major League Cricket across the country. Mangat hopes that Phoenix and MG Cricket Stadium will play a key role in creating these teams.

Mangat and his team plan to build a state-of-the-art soccer field and pickleball pitch in addition to the cricket stadium, as well as a training facility for the players. An additional 20 acres will include a hotel and entertainment shops. Plans for a parking structure are also being drawn up.

“Buckeye continues to attract new industrial, commercial and entertainment development to the city,” said Buckeye Mayor Eric Orsborn. “The announcement of this facility creates another convenience for our residents to enjoy. It really is a good time to be in Buckeye!”

The stadium comes at a perfect time for growth and development in the West Valley and Arizona. Buckeye is among the top 5% in population growth in the country and many businesses continue to relocate to the area. The main freeway is also under construction as the Department of Transportation works to widen I-10 to accommodate the explosion of growth.

Mangat partnered with managing partner, Vispi Karanjia, of national architectural firm Orcutt Winslow, and Marc Taylor Inc. Construction Management. Cricket enthusiasts Ashish Bobby Malhotra (Desi Rasoi brand) and Dr Nishant Gupta have also teamed up with Mangat to help develop the country’s largest cricket stadium.

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