Amanda Staveley exclusive: full transcript as she details club plans



Amanda Staveley spoke to the Chronicle for an exclusive interview after the takeover was confirmed on Thursday afternoon.

Here’s a full transcript as Lee Ryder and Mark Douglas spoke to Staveley, who is now on the St James’ Park board of directors after PCP Capital Partners landed 10% of the club in a $ 300 deal. million pounds sterling.

Four years since you first tried to take over the club, how do you feel today?

I’m enjoying my first drink! It has been incredible. Having the opportunity to meet and talk to the Chronicle, but talking to the fans and meeting them was the best part.

It’s all about the fans and we are very honored to be the guardians of this incredible football club. We are very proud, PIF is very proud to take care of this club and we hope to make you proud.

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Was there ever a time when you thought you had to go?

There were times when I felt bad and wondered: would we get there? But then I got another letter from a fan, or an email or a text – some fans got my phone number – and I just thought, “We’re not going to give up.”

I’m stubborn by nature – which you probably should be – and I was never going to give up. So here we are. And it is the fans that we must thank and the fantastic support of your “paper”. Thank you for pushing and following us over the past four years.

Have you been addicted to the vibe from day one?

I was. I just fell in love with the club, being among the fans. I just knew that from that day on there was no other club for us. I was considering buying Liverpool but changed very quickly. I always thought Newcastle were an amazing club, an amazing brand and it’s amazing on every level.

What he needed was an investment and there was no point in me buying Newcastle on my own. I don’t have enough pockets but I have fantastic investment partners in PIF and Jamie Reuben who have come with us on this journey and we know they will invest and make this the club it needs to be. . Hope we won’t let you down. We don’t want to make empty promises today – we want to keep our promises.

Is it a step by step process?

It must be. We are at the bottom of the rankings, there is a lot of work to do. To build this, we have to do a review.

I can’t even get into the ground yet! The closing was later than expected so we don’t even have the keys yet. It will take time. We are going to have to build a solid foundation before we go too far.

What I want is to invest. What I want to do is invest in the Academy, it’s important. Women’s football is very important – I would have loved to play football but never had the chance.

I want to see more local kids from here playing for Newcastle, it’s so important. We have an amazing history of local players who are giants like Alan (Shearer). Sean Longstaff is part of the team and is local. It’s about building a solid foundation at all levels, from the Academy to the top team.

And once we’re able to do that, we can fight for the trophies.

Will you be looking to embrace the club legends who were exiled by the club?

I’ve texted Alan (Shearer) and Kevin (Keegan) a lot. They are heroes. I’m so excited to be able to sit down with Alan – I hope he gets involved because it’s his club and it’s so important.

We don’t want to rush, however. It must be the right thing he is doing.

And a sports director?

We’ve been thinking about athletic directors and football directors, but we have to sit down with our board and look at what we have today. You can bring in the best sports director in the world, but you don’t have the infrastructure.

Your medical staff, your training facilities, they need really big investments and that’s what we need to know at all levels. We also need to attract people who share our dream and who will.

What about existing staff?

I want to meet everyone. I am so excited to meet the team and the staff. I was very against the leave, we did not fire any of our staff and my point of view on this is clear.

We have to make sure that we cherish all the staff.

Losing the last 18 months, has it made you back down?

I asked myself the question, but sometimes fate can play its part. Was it earlier, who knows?

The code for our business plans is 2019. We have kept updating and updating it, but you have to realize that we are just thankful to be here and I think things are happening for the right reason. at the right time.

What happens next with the manager?

Everyone wonders about the director. Look, we understand this is incredibly important, but right now we have to come in and talk to the squad, what the club needs now and where we want to go. We will get back to you with all of these answers in the allotted time.

Can you engage in communication?

I want this to be an open dialogue. This is not my club, this is not the PIF club, we are just here to help build this club. The fans own this club as far as we are concerned.

Communication links – the emphasis will be on open dialogue and making sure we communicate all the time.

And Allan Saint-Maximin, are you going to build a team around him?

The best thing about this morning was seeing her Tweet! It made me laugh after the long days.

We want to build a team around players like him, but we have amazing players with heart and real talent and courage. Yes, we want to make sure we invest at all levels – including the team. But we have to look at the numbers, there are rules and regulations and you have to make sure that the money goes in there to spend it on the other sides.

The Premier League has rules for how we invest and buy our players.

Can you tell us a little more about Yasir Al-Rumayyan and the role he will play?

Its excellence is therefore an excellent partner. I am incredibly honored to work with him and to collaborate with the PIF. I kind of see him as my boss, but that’s how I am. He’s patient, driven, ambitious and he’s all Newcastle need.

PIF is an amazing group and I am honored to work with them.

Jamie is like my brother and I have worked a lot with the Reuben family. Jamie is at the heart of this deal and the Reuben’s have invested heavily in this deal. There was no doubt Newcastle was the one we wanted.

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