Alok Presents Dance Ready Single “The Club Is Jumpin”


The club jumps“, Alokis a true celebration of the grand reopening of electronic dance music after the global pandemic. Using excerpts from Destiny’s Child’s 2000s hit song “Jumpin’ Jumpin'”, the Brazilian superstar ups the ante with a tech-house inspired bassline and funky synths to create the elements of an undeniable dance floor filler.

Alok is no stranger to breaking genre boundaries, as evidenced by his collaboration with Bastille on “Run Into Trouble” last month. “The Club is Jumpin'” has been dubbed “future-tech” – Alok’s funky and innovative new mix of old and new dance sounds that’s sure to light up dance floors around the world during of the upcoming festival season, which will see Alok debut his summer residency at the famed H Ibiza venue, becoming the first Brazilian to hold a residency at the mega-main club venue.

Now that the pandemic appears to be easing and clubs are reopening, “The Club Jumps” is my party anthem for the summer. I have always been a fan of The Child of Destiny‘s original when I was younger, and I wanted to take a classic like that and give it a new electronic twist. I hope everyone enjoys it and my next releases under the new ‘technology of the future’ style – Alok

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Alok The club jumps is out now.


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