All Court Tennis Club offers the chance to play with the Bryan brothers


Tennis fans should get the chance to take to the court and play with true legends of the sport later this month, as the All Court Tennis Club hosts a pre-US Open training clinic with the Bryan brothers .

Tickets are on sale for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hit the grass courts at the Westside Tennis Club in New York on August 30 and play with tennis greats Bob and Mike Bryan, while listening to a conversation with these legends on the lawns of one of the most prestigious clubs in America.

All attendees will receive a goody bag worth $250 and cocktails will be offered that will make this unique opportunity for tennis lovers an unforgettable day.

Tennis club on all courts

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Twins Bob and Mike Bryan retired last August as the most prolific doubles duo in tennis history, winning a record 119 trophies in 26 seasons, including all four Grand Slams, nine ATP Masters 1000, four year-ends. Victories at the ATP finals and Olympic gold medal. They also hold the all-time team records for Grand Slam titles (16 of 30 finals) and ATP Masters 1000 crowns (39 of 59 finals).

It’s a record that may never be equaled, but arguably the Bryans’ greatest legacy is their success in promoting the game of doubles to a wide audience.

The brothers, born in California in April 1978, were the face of the doubles game for many years, and while other duos came and went, their enduring partnership made them the most recognizable doubles players in tennis. .

Their brand of high-energy tennis and famous punching celebrations have been an integral part of tennis for so many years and both now admit they needed time to adjust to a new reality away from the game. .

“Now we’re enjoying the afterlife,” Mike told the ATP website earlier this year. “We both have families. Lots of time with our children.

“We understand how important it is to put that energy into raising good human beings. Maybe they can continue the legacy. We’re going to have fun doing something else. We will find a solution.

Bob offered these thoughts on how he dealt with the reality of retirement, after so many years on the ATP Tour.

“We’ve had 23 great years, it’s almost too long to do one thing,” he said. “We didn’t want to play until we were out of place. I don’t think Mike or I want to play on the Vapors just to be there. We still feel that we can fight for the big titles.

“It was a very difficult decision to retire. Tennis is our life. We both love traveling the world and doing this together. But we want to come out with a little kick, not limp.

“I don’t miss it too much right now, but I do miss waking up with something to shoot. The goals, the tournaments, just improving the game, having something to aim for and doing it with Mike.

The Bryans’ association with the All Court Tennis Club underscores the growing impact of the innovative tennis club inspired by owner Adrian Calvert.

The All Court Tennis Club is a global membership club of active, passionate and amateur tennis players, connected locally and internationally through city chapters – with exclusive access to clubs and courts, coaches and mentors, experiences and events.

They offer members access to sought-after clubs and courts in their vibrant cities, run by experienced and passionate tennis ambassadors, whether in London, Singapore, New York, Bombay, Madrid, Paris, Sao Paulo or Las Vegas.

If you are a tennis fan who loves to travel and experience the sport in different parts of the world, the All Court Tennis Club is an essential addition to your tennis journey and membership prices start from £10 per month.

Workout videos, discounts with brand partners, access to purchase early bird tickets to marquee events and more are available to All Court Tennis Club members, ensuring that , wherever you are in the world, your tennis needs are met.

Buy tickets for the All Court Tennis Club event with the Bryan Brothers HERE. The video below at Stoke Park in the UK shows what an All Court Tennis Club event looks like.


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