Alec Bradley uses own sales team for limited regional exclusives


Alec Bradley Cigar Co. will soon be shipping a collection of four exclusive regional cigars created by the company’s top regional sales managers for the areas they cover.

Inspired by a cigar educational trip last year to Central America, regional directors asked the company to make their own cigar to suit the taste of their respective region. The project was approved and under the leadership of Alec Rubin, second generation owner of Alec Bradley, and VP Ralph Montero, the regional directors each created their own cigar, from blend to name to design. of the packaging.

“We have a fantastic group of people,” said Alec Rubin, owner of Alec Bradley Cigar Co., in a press release. “Alec Bradley is a big family and it is a lesson in humility to see everyone so enthusiastic about tobacco and premium cigars.”

Each of Alec Bradley’s four regional exclusives will be a toro measuring 6 inches by 52 gauge ring. They will be offered in packs of five units and will have a suggested retail price of $ 8 per cigar. Only 5,000 cigars of each blend are currently on the market.

For the metro area, which includes New York, New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, regional manager Jonathan Walsh produced Paper Tiger. The blend features a wrapper of Cuban seeds from Brazil on a Mexican binder, with a filling blend of tobacco from Pennsylvania and Nicaragua.

Trendy late

Christopher Carey, who oversees the Southern region, designed Fashionably Late, a rolled cigar with the same Brazilian wrapper and Mexican binding as Paper Tiger, but this one uses only Nicaraguan tobacco in the garnish. It will be sold in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Eastern Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Child of the road

Highway Child was created by Steve Tucker for the Midwest, an area that includes Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, northern Illinois, and northern Indiana. This blend sports the same Brazilian cape over a Nicaraguan binder and filler.

Child of the road

For the Rust Belt, which includes western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and southern Indiana, regional manager Ryan Ponist has created a mix called Corinthian Leather. It features a Honduran cover sheet, two binders from Honduras and Nicaragua, and a filler also grown in Honduras and Nicaragua.

All of the new regional exclusives were launched at J. Fuego Cigars in Nicaragua, with the exception of Corinthian leather, which was produced at Raices Cubanas in Honduras.

Each of the lines was to be shipped simultaneously, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, plans have changed. Paper Tiger, Fashionably Late and Highway Child have arrived in the US and are expected to start shipping soon, while Alec Bradley is hoping Corinthian Leather can hit stores within a month.

The company said it plans to expand the exclusive regional program in the future to other parts of the country as more territory managers choose to make their own cigars.


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