A local group of Nerf enthusiasts are hosting a gaming event


Nervous enthusiasts met at Hewitt Park on Sunday afternoon for their monthly gaming event.

The group known as the “Rival League” was formed in 2015 after the release of the Nerf Rival model.

They meet every second Sunday of the month.

Group founder Patrick Clancy said the events are well organized and are not just about blasting the moss pellets.

“We’re legitimate. We have these tailor-made barriers, and we have very specific rules that we enforce. We’re trying to make this a much bigger and better thing,” Clancy said.

He said the monthly events promote a fun and competitive atmosphere for members to relieve stress.

Rival League member Emma Swope said she commutes from Dallas because she enjoys attending.

“It’s a really good community here. I can have fun with all of my friends. Nobody’s stressed out or anything like that, and we can stay active and have a good time,” Swope said.

Unlike the original Nerf Blaster released in the 1980s, the Rival series is aimed at an older audience.

Jacob VandeVeegaet is a member of the league and has said he has been collecting Nerf pistols since he was a child.

“I grew up with them. I still remember buying my first one for Christmas. I continued from there. I never really stopped collecting them,” VandeVeegaet said.

The league is open to anyone who wishes to register. The only requirement is possession of Nerf Rival equipment.

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