A devotee from Gujarat raises awareness of food waste; decorate Ganesha idol with food packages


Radhika Soni, a resident of Vadodara, Gujarat, used 1,008 packets of cookies and 850 rudrakshas to decorate her idol Ganesha this year. Lord Ganesha’s idol was erected on a 5 foot high Shivalinga.

The devotee through this act wanted to raise awareness of food waste. Devotee Radhika Soni used banners to educate people about the plight of those fighting hunger.

What unique approach has the devotee instilled?

Radhika Soni has done something outside the box and it has everything to do with social awareness. On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, devotee Soni thought it best to decorate her Ganesh idol with food packages. Talking to ANISoni felt that his personal experiences sparked the idea of ​​using food packets for the construction of Ganesha’s idol. She said ANI, “My personal experience has led me to do this. At a reception at my house there was a lot of leftover food and we found someone to donate after great hardship. We thought at the time. that food was not something to be wasted. One-third of the total food is wasted each day in the world. ” She insisted on her motive – “Don’t waste food over and over again through her interaction.

Idol of Ganesha placed on a 5ft high Shivalinga

Soni, when asked to reveal the details of this construction, repeated that the idol of Lord Ganesha was installed on a large Shivalinga which itself was 5 feet tall. Coming to the main attraction of Ganesha’s idol, Soni told the news agency ANI that the idol was made of packets of cookies. She said, “It was made with 1,008 packets full of cookies and 850 Rudrakshas. These packets of cookies will be distributed to poor children after the immersion of the idol.

Ganesh Chaturthi, a 10-day festival that begins on the fourth day of the Hindu lunisolar calendar month Bhadrapada, began on September 10 of this year. People created unique Ganesha idols across the country during this ten day festival. While state governments have issued guidelines and SOPs regarding the restrictions, Ganpati celebrations across the country have remained low-key.

Image: ANI

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