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They are connected. They are rare. Sometimes they’re even a little weird. But some of the industry’s quirky cigars have gained a cult following over the years, in the same way that cult films attract a small, passionate fan base.

In the July-August issue of Cigar lover, which is now heading to your mailboxes (and newsstands starting July 9), we take a look at these oddly unconventional smokes in an article titled “Cult Cigars and the People Behind Them.” It provides information on today’s cult cigar makers, the cult movement and colorful trivia about how far some fans are willing to go to get those smokes. Here, we’ve touched on an assortment of some of the article’s original products, as well as many more, to go along with the magazine’s story.

Even if you don’t like cult movies like Samuel Fuller’s Shock corridor or that of David Lynch Eraser (or never heard of them for that matter), we’re sure you’ll be intrigued by cigars like the Fuente Fuente OpusX Chili Pepper, Tatuaje Pork Tenderloin, OneOff + 53 or Liga Privada Dirty Rat.

Purple rain, purple rain

First there was the Fuente Fuente OpusX. As if these cigars weren’t rare enough, Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr. then created the ForbiddenX, which was even rarer. Now, there are all the interesting and esoteric exotic Fuente types out there, but few are as rare as the OpusX Purple Rain Destino al Siglo Toro, which we only saw in one event. It comes in a glossy wooden box painted a princely shade of purple that looks unlike anything from the OpusX wallet.

Viaje birthday mix

The birthday cigar

Each year, Old Forester Bourbon releases a limited edition to celebrate the founder’s birthday. Viaje owner Andre Farkas figured if Old Forester could do it, so could he. Since 2016, Viaje has released some cabinets of the Viaje Birthday Blend. Needless to say, it’s made in absurdly small quantities. The cigars even come in gift wrapping.

Tatuaje pork tenderloin

The butcher’s cigar

It takes a certain spirit to wrap 25 cigars in butcher’s paper and name it a pork chop. And it takes a certain type of cigar aficionado to buy it. But that’s exactly what Pete Johnson did when he pulled out the Tatuaje Pork Tenderloin. The first editions of this meaty cigar were intended for a retailer in Boston, Massachusetts. Then he had a brief stint as an event-only cigar. Today it is out of production and in great demand.

Flor de Valle distorted

Lucy in the sky with cigars

The Sky Flower by Warped stands out within the Flor del Valle brand, as it is the only size in the line made with medium time, a tobacco shoot that sometimes grows on the top of the plant, above the leaves of the crown. Not all tobacco plants produce medio tiempo, and it is valued for its intensity and aroma. Sky Flower is released around once a year, depending on whether or not there is enough media tiempo available.

Illusione Ultra Op. N ° 3

Smoke your illusion

Sure, the Illusione Ultra Op. The # 3 might be a regular production cigar (though still made in relatively small quantities), but this haunting box certainly wasn’t. Only 300 of these 48-point boxes were made, each printed with an image from a vintage advertisement for hypnotism lessons.

Pepper Fuente Fuente OpusX

An Extra Spicy OpusX

Chili Pepper is one of the more elusive shapes in the Fuente Fuente OpusX range. You can sometimes find them as part of a large set called The Opus22, which includes 22 rare OpusX sizes. Proceeds from this set go to the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation. If you go to the Fuente factory in the Dominican Republic, Fuente might get some of those very spicy fumes out of his “toy box”. Sometimes he even has some in his pocket at events.

Tattoo Truth 2013

A cigar that ages in the box

There is a wine theme behind the Tatuaje Truth cigars. Tobacco is domain specific, vintage, and perhaps most importantly for the concept, the fermented tobaccos used to make cigars are not baled, which is standard practice in the industry (including with all other Tatuaje cigars). The idea was to age cigar tobacco as wine ages in the bottle. “I prefer to age tobacco gracefully in the rolled cigar rather than in the balls,” said brand owner Pete Johnson.

Tatuaje The Drac Box (left) next to Boris

A monstrous cult smoke

Johnson is definitely a body art fan, but he also loves a good monster movie. In 2008, it kicked off a Halloween tradition by releasing a limited number of Monster Series cigars named after Universal Pictures’ ghoulish icons – Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Wolfman – but here’s the catch: only 13 retailers. could wear them. And they were chosen at random. Her fans have gone a little crazy, often crossing many state lines just to get a box. Little Monsters (shown in main photo) was an offshoot of this project. They were the same cigars, only miniatures.

Unique + 53

Worship in cubes

When OneOff hit the market in the early 2000s, it almost instantly became a cult cigar. Then he disappeared. In 2017, Illusione brand owner Dion Giolito bought the rights and put it back into production, giving the mix its own interpretive twist. Illusione is already a cult brand, so we could consider OneOff as a cult brand within a cult brand. And considering how the OneOff + 53 size shown here is double the price of other OneOffs, it’s a cult within a cult within a cult.

The Relatos of Warped

A cigar or a chocolate?

When you look at the packaging of La Relatos de Warped, it certainly looks like one of those expensive single-origin chocolate bars, but once you unwrap it you get five thin and tasty crowns instead. . The overall aesthetic is vaguely Victorian and unusual in the world of handmade cigars.

Fuente Fuente OpusX BBMF (top) and LBMF

Big Bad and his little brother

Carlos Fuente Jr. is a talented cigar maker very serious about quality, but his temperamental sense of humor shows in some of his rarer cigars. Take the Fuente Fuente OpusX BBMF and LBMF for example. They both have branded hoods that Fuente calls a “Cuban tickler”. And the initials? They are powerful fumes, so the abbreviation stands for Big, Bad, Mother – you can figure out the rest. The LBMF is the Little Bad Mother. Smoke them on a full stomach, that is, if you ever have the opportunity to light one.

Liga Privada Flying Pig

Dirty rats and flying pigs

Drew Estate’s La Liga Privada started out as a made toro size exclusive for el jeffe: just for the boss. It was the personal mix of the president of Drew Estate. After its release to the public of cigar smokers, the brand has become a phenomenon. La Liga Privada is far from a traditional toro. Now, it’s offered in unorthodox forms like the Flying Pig (a plump biker jacket) and the Dirty Rat, shown here, so named for its tail.

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