78-year-old devotee does this great job when he succeeded thanks to Lord Ganesha


A 78-year-old Christian businessman built a Ganesh temple in Karnataka. He lived in Mumbai for many years as part of his job. In fact, the Christian businessman attributed his success to Siddhivinayak, after which he built a temple for the deity in his hometown of Shirwa, 14 kilometers from Udupi. The Christian businessman’s name is Gabriel F. Nazareth. Gabriel F. Nazareth said he built the temple on his land in memory of his parents.

Its inauguration was delayed due to the same corona infection. Several rituals were also performed from Wednesday to Friday. “Gabriel is satisfied with his wish,” said his friend and journalist Pundlika Marathe, “Gabriel went to Mumbai looking for a job after finishing grade 10. After doing strange things for a few years, he created a block and mold factory. He lived in Mumbai for almost 55 years and became a devotee of Ganesh. He remains a Christian, but also believes in Lord Siddhivinayak, who is the most revered in Mumbai. ”

When he returned to his hometown about 10 years ago, he decided to build a temple. Gabriel built the temple for around 20 cents next to his house, at an estimated cost of Rs 2 crore. A 36 inch Ganesh idol was installed. At the same time, a house was also built for the temple priest. On the other hand, a man playing cricket would have been biased on the basis of religion. He was prevented from playing cricket because he is a Christian.

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