5 brands of American whiskey every aficionado should know


The relatively younger distillation company, founded in 1987 by Thomas E. Bulleit, Jr as an ode to his great-great-grandfather, tavernist Augustus Bulleit, is the recipe for Kentucky Bourbon. Known for their bold, spicy bourbon with a high degree of rye and a complex, award-winning upright rye, the brand is a good place to go for a no-frills American whiskey experience – and well worth buying despite its limited availability. in India. Start with the Bulleit Bourbon 10 year old or the Bulleit Barrel Strength, aged and bottled at Stitzel-Weller in Louisville.

5. Jim Beam®

The two-century-old brand has built a cult following, even scotch lovers have gone full-time to the Kentucky Straight Bourbon for its extraordinary pour. The 51 percent sweet corn whiskey prides itself on being the native spirit of America, of maximum proof and distilled in new level 4 American white oak barrels that leave it with a mellow palate with notes of vanilla and caramel – and, naturally, additive-free. Their premium 86 proof render, Jim Beam Black, has been somewhat of an icon of the spirit for its soft caramel and warm oak tones.


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