Title Loans Online Without Title- Housefans

Loans today are becoming more common, one of the advantages they have is that they are not available only to people who work in a relationship of dependence, or public or private employees, nowadays almost everyone can access some type of loan

Obviously, there are a variety of options, some will be harder to get than others depending on the amount of money they lend and the entity involved

A series of loan options are directly designed for registered managers, that is, those who work autonomously. These can be registered in the AFIP in two different ways: as registered manager.

Each of these options will have some advantages and disadvantages, the most convenient depending on the specific case and the activity that takes place.

Below we will see some of the loans directed to both enrolled managers, usually appear as self-employed workers, and for monotributistas.

One of the entities that offers these loans is Cash Yes


Offers personal loans with a maximum available of $ 120,000 and a minimum of $ 1000

Easy and quick to take out

Minimum requirements that we will see later

They are loans to single signature

No guarantors are requested

They can be returned in fixed installments agreed at the beginning of the contract and in pesos.

The return period will be between 12 and 60 installments. This will be determined by a calculation made by Cash Yes according to the payment capacity of a particular customer.

The agreed interest rate will depend on the payment behavior of the client in particular and its seniority. This means that the longer you spend having a “correct” payment behavior, the interest rates will decrease.

They will be able to access:

Workers in a dependency relationship (as long as they are older than 3 months)

Retirees and pensioners up to 83 years old


Self-employed workers

Among others


They must be presented with the DNI

A service or tax bill

The last receipt of salary, in case of being charged monthly, or 2 biweekly receipts.

Paying these loans is very easy, you can choose to do it by any of the systems described below:

Through any of the branches of Cash Yes

Rapipagos or Easy Payment

In the French Bank, they will be able to pay in cash

Through the Red Link ATMs

Link payments and province payments

Link payments and province payments

Only if you do not have up-to-date installments, you must if or if you choose to pay at the branches of Cash Yes

To return this loan are also accepted, in addition to cash:

● Own checks

● Third party checks

● Through an automatic or direct debit in the bank account, with the CBU

● Combining any of the above alternatives.