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There are different types of loans available in the market, each one has different characteristics, terms, amounts and requirements. The smaller the amount to be acquired and the less papal documents or documents are necessary as requirements, the faster the money can be requested and obtained.

This will then depend on the type of loan, generally

This will then depend on the type of loan, generally

A consumer loan or personal loan can be used to finance a durable consumer goods such as a car, a motorcycle, home furnishings, appliances or specific needs such as a trip, a wedding party or 15 years, pay a debt , make an investment, among others.

These usually offer medium-low amounts of money that can be obtained more quickly, without so many papers and sometimes without guarantee more than the one presented by the interested party.

On the other hand, we have loans such as mortgages, which will allow the interested party to obtain the money to buy or change homes. Here, if it is necessary, in addition to the personal guarantee, a real guarantee that is obtained through the mortgage of movable property. Usually the good to be acquired is mortgaged.

These loans have more requirements, papers and documents to present, therefore they are not taken as quickly as described above.

We present below some examples of financial entities that offer quick personal loans to take out:

Cash Yes


◖◗ This entity offers loans that allow to obtain $ 120,000 to those interested, in a very easy and simple way, with minimum requirements.

◖◗ They are a single signature, that is, without the need to present other guarantors

◖◗ Can be returned in pesos

◖◗ With pre-established fixed rates, with terms between 12 to 60 months

◖◗ The minimum available is $ 1000 and the maximum is $ 120,000

◖◗ The minimum APR is 48.23% and the maximum is 125.30%

They will be able to access these loans:

⊗ Those people who work in a dependency relationship have been in the same place for at least 3 months

⊗ Retirees and pensioners who are up to 83 years old

⊗ Monotributistas, self-employed workers, among others

⊗ People who do a domestic job


To get the loan they need to present

To get the loan they need to present

The last salary receipt they have received

Invoice of a service or tax such as electricity, gas, among others.

Cash If you also offer loans so that the interested party can consume what they need within a network of businesses that have adhered to the system

It is a system of direct financing of purchases, which does not demand the interested party money in cash, nor the provision of credit cards

They can be returned in fixed installments, also in pesos

No guarantors are needed, they are loans to only one firm.

Cash If you have branches spread throughout the country, you can know them by entering the web and clicking on “Branches. ” Some of them:

These are cash loans, the quickest to take out of the market according to the company. They need minimum requirements and about 10 minutes of time.

The requirements are:

Present a DNI

An invoice for a service or tax

For those who have a salary receipt in a job where they are more than 4 months old, they can approach with the last receipt to the offices

For those who do not have a salary receipt but a monthly income, whether from a retirement or pension, an allowance for a child, a domestic service provided, among others. They can also approach the branches to request a loan, with the latest vouchers of these payments

In the case of not having any of the two income described above, the company invites you to approach anyway. Representatives of Rapicuotas will find a special loan for each person.

Even for those who do not have all the requirements, ways to save them and solve the problem will be sought.


No guarantors are necessary, they are loans to single firm

The amount of money to be obtained will depend on the analysis made by the company of each person: their previous credit history, monthly income, seniority at work, among others.

All those who wish to do so, retired people and pensioners can also access it.

The number of branches is large, spread across the country. We recommend you look for the one closest to the address on the Rapicuotas website. Some of these branches are: