How to Install a New Bathroom Faucet in 8 Steps

Learn how to upgrade your bathroom faucet the DIY way. You can do this.

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Changing out your faucet may be just what your bathroom needs. Here we walk you through the easy steps to install a new bathroom faucet.

Tools Required

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Bucket and towels
  • Phillips-head screwdriver

Materials Required

  • New faucet

Project step-by-step (8)

Step 1

Turn Off Water

Smart Faucet 2

Step 2

Remove Supply Lines

  • Open the faucet and let any water drain out.
  • Remove both hot- and cold-supply lines at the shut-off valves or the faucet using an adjustable wrench. Have a bucket or container nearby to catch any water from the lines. Keep a towel on hand for this as well.

Smart Faucet 6

Step 3

Remove the Old Faucet

  • Not all faucets are secured to the sink the same way. Some have a large locknut from the underside of the sink, while others have a threaded rod with a nut securing it to a mounting plate on the underside of the sink. (See photo.)
  • From the underside of the sink, loosen the nut or nuts holding the faucet in place. Now remove the old faucet by pulling it up and away from the sink.

Smart Faucet 3

Step 4

Prep Before Installation

Step 5

Install Deck Plate

Step 6

 Install the Faucet

  • Insert the supply lines and the shank of the faucet through the hole in the deck plate or sink.
  • From the underside of the sink assemble in order: 1. Rubber washer, 2. Brass washer, 3. Threaded locknut w/set screws. Hand tighten the threaded locknut.
  • Use a screwdriver to tighten the set screws on the locknut. Work your way around the locknut tightening the screws slightly each time until they are snug.

Smart Faucet A,

Smart Faucet Locknut

Step 7

Connect Water Supply

  • Install the hot- and cold-water supply lines to the corresponding shut-off valve. Tighten with an adjustable wrench, but only until snug. Do not overtighten.
    • Pro tip: If the supply lines are too long, shorten the length by creating a loop in the line.

Smart Faucet 5

Step 8

Turn On the Water

Water Tap With Flowing Water Selective Focus Shallow Depth Of FieldGyvafoto/Shutterstock