How to Install a TUSHY Spa Bidet Attachment 

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Bidets are a world-wide trend that have revolutionized the traditional toilet experience. So get with the times, ditch the toilet paper, and turn the toilet in your home into a bidet with this easy-to-install kit.

Tools Required

  • Adjustable wrench

Materials Required

  • TUSHY Spa Bidet Attachment

Why Install a Bidet?

Toilet paper? Forget about it! Install a bidet attachment instead. In a few steps you can go from TP dependent to a clean and hands-free washer. Bidet attachments fit toilets with round or elongated seats. They’re inexpensive and easy to install. And if you’re a parent like me, the best part about a bidet is that it means no more wiping toddler butts!  

In this piece, we’ll show you how to install a TUSHY bidet. So ditch the toilet paper, and turn the toilet in your home into a bidet with this easy-to-install kit.

Project step-by-step (7)

Step 1

Turn Off the Water 

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Locate the shut-off valves behind the toilet and the hot water supply under the sink. Turn them clockwise to shut the water off. If it’s difficult to tell which valve supplies the hot water, turn on the hot water at the faucet and then turn one of the shut-off valves. When the hot water stops running you know you’ve found the right valve.  

Step 2

Empty the Water 

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Before unhooking any of the hoses, flush the tank to remove most of the water. Place a bucket near the toilet shut-off valve and unscrew the supply hose from the toilet. Any leftover water in the tank will start to drip, so be sure to catch it with the bucket. Then remove the hose from the sink’s hot water supply valve.  

Step 3

Connect the Cold-Water Adapter 

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Screw the flexible hose that came with the TUSHY onto the plastic hose adapter. Turn it on slowly — it’s really easy to cut through the plastic threads on the adapter with the metal threads on the hose. Screw the adapter to the toilets and the fill valve, then attach the flexible hose from the supply valve to the adapter. 

Step 4

Connect the Hot Water Adapter 

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Place a rubber washer inside the adapter and screw it on to the hot water supply valve. Then screw the white tube onto the adapter. If you have a vanity cabinet, drill a hole through the side of it to snake the tube to the toilet. Cut the tube to length if needed. 

Step 5

Remove the Toilet Seat 

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Remove the bolts under the plastic cap between the seat and the tank. They are usually made of nylon, so be careful when unscrewing them. Once the bolts have been unscrewed the seat should simply lift away.  

Step 6

Make the Connection to the TUSHY 

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Unscrew the nut on the “hot” inlet and slide the white tube through the nutPush the tube onto the stem and thread the nut over the tube onto the bidet inlet. Then connect the flexible hose to the cold supply inlet. 

Step 7

Position the Bidet Attachment 

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Place the two rubber washers over the bolt holes and set the bidet attachment so that its spout is centered with the toilet bowl. Align its movable mounts with the bolt holes in the toilet, then re-attach the seat with the nylon bolts.