How to Create a Home Spa Bathroom

See the ways you can easily transform your bathroom into a spa oasis, from replacing shower fixtures to upgrading lighting and vanities.

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You don’t have to go to a fancy, expensive resort to get the spa treatment. With a few small additions and alterations, you can transform an ordinary bathroom into a retreat.


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Without a doubt, remodeling your shower can give your bathroom the spa look. It’s also one of the most expensive parts of your bathroom to remodel. However, there are ways to improve your shower without spending a fortune.

Replacing old, outdated shower curtains with a glass panel will instantly change the look of the room. The glass will make the room feel bigger and more upscale. Glass panels can range anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to more than $1,000, so there’s flexibility with how extravagantly you want to go.

Another option: Switch out the showerhead. A rain shower head provides a much more luxurious look and improves your shower experience. Some shower heads cost as little as $20 but still offer that same high quality as the more expensive alternatives. If you’re looking for a higher end option, try updating your bath to a wet room bathroom.


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A full tub replacement is a big financial decision, but opting for a modern clawfoot tub will go a long way toward achieving that spa look. A new clawfoot tub costs between $500 and $1,500. Budget more for labor if you don’t plan to DIY.

Out of your price range? No problem. Little additions like bath neck pillows, a bubble massager and a bamboo bath tray provide more affordable alternatives to a full tub replacement.


A new bathroom vanity can make a huge difference. For a spa look, consider a wall-mounted vanity with a vessel sink. You can purchase one, like this option on Wayfair, or DIY a bathroom vanity.


Go outside of the norm with your bathroom mirror. A mirror with LED lights or one that’s a non-traditional shape can be a focal point of your bathroom. So get creative and pick something that fits with the rest of your room’s spa vibe.


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You might not even need to buy anything new to get a simple spa feel; you have some of these products in your home. Candles, magazines and low lighting are all great ways to set the mood for a relaxing spa experience. Feel free to add bath bombs or whatever else you like to take it whole other level.

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