People Are Obsessed with the ToiletShroom, And We Can See Why

The ToiletShroom will completely revolutionize the way you handle bathroom clogs. Check out why people love its innovative design and one-step action.

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Have you ever had a toilet clog so intense that a regular toilet plunger wouldn’t do the trick? A new version of the ol’ standby plunger has hit the market, and it could save you from facing such doom in the future. The ToiletShroom claims to be the ultimate tool to fix a toilet clog in seconds—and in one simple step. The innovative plunger can go where a standard plunger can’t and grab what a drain snake can’t reach. Here’s everything you need to know about the viral toilet-clog fixer.

What is a ToiletShroom?

A revolutionary plunger crafted to mold itself to the fit of your toilet, the ToiletShroom claims to unclog the drain in one quick motion. This handy plunger is well-constructed with durable materials like stainless steel and natural plastics, so you’ll unclog toilets with it for years to come.

The ToiletShroom’s unique features include:

  • Rust-proof stainless steel handle
  • Extra long reach
  • Ability to double as a squeegee for cleaning

When not in use, the ToiletShroom tucks away in a convenient caddy holder to minimize the spread of toilet germs.

How to Use a ToiletShroom

To use the ToiletShroom, push in and out at a low angle to completely clean out the clogged passage. Because the ToiletShroom’s design is narrower than a regular plunger and wider than a drain snake, it cleans out clogs where they often occur–beneath the bowl, in the tightly-angled passages of the toilet drain.

We recently gave this new plunger a go. Watch this video to see if the ToiletShroom holds up:

The Best Amazon User Reviews 

The ToiletShroom has racked nearly 4,000 five-star Amazon ratings. Here’s why shoppers swear by this redesigned plunger:

Verified Amazon purchaser Marjory Zaik says the ToiletShroom worked perfectly for a stubborn clog. “This product saved me a call to a professional. A stubborn toilet clog was not responding to my standard plunger, which I used repeatedly to no avail. A few plunges with ToiletShroom—which is much easier to use than a standard plunger—and the clog passed,” they explain.

Five-star reviewer Susan Weiss says, “I tried 4 different plungers to unclog my low-flow Kohler and nothing worked! Ordered this [ToiletShroom] and cleared the clog in seconds! Best manual plunger ever! No mess at all, three pushes at 45-degree angle and done! Easy and nice storage too.”

Jodie Mcintosh calls the ToiletShroom a game changer. “I had my doubts, but they were washed away when I had to use it,” Jodie explained.

Where to Buy the ToiletShroom

The next time you’re in need of a new plunger, consider stepping outside the box and giving the ToiletShroom a go. It’s available on Amazon and at some hardware stores like Ace Hardware.

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