Bathroom ideas to help you decorate it how you want it and repair whatever needs fixing.

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How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain Without Chemicals

Simply fish out the sticky hair that clogs most drains

Replace a Shower Drain From the Top

Use a special drain assembly to quickly and easily install a new drain from the top.

How to Clean and Unclog a Kitchen Sink Drain

With two simple tools — a plunger and a drain snake — you can clear 95 percent of your stopped-up...

How to Unclog a Sink Drain Without Using Chemicals

Unclog any sink without using chemicals.

How to Replace a Bathtub Drain Stopper With a Lift-and-Turn Drain

Learn how to replace a bathtub drain and install a new stopper.

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7 Built-In Storage Ideas for Small Homes

Feeling cramped in your apartment or small house? These built-in storage ideas will free up space and help your cut...

The 5 Best Towel Warmers to Add a Spa-Like Feel to Your Bathroom

Pamper yourself with a towel warmer, like a towel rail or bucket, that heats towels for a warm, spa-like welcome...

Is Bathroom Carpet Making a Comeback?!

Some celebrities are showing off their carpeted bathrooms, but does this mean we should add carpet into one of the...

I Tried This Viral Shower Head Filter, and It Made My Hair Bouncier

A shower filter could improve your skin and hair texture immediately. Let's put this affordable (and popular) option...

Upgrade Your Loo with the 6 Best Bathroom Vanities

A new bathroom vanity can switch up the look of your space. Take your pick from this selection of the...

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10 Tips on How To Disinfect a Toothbrush

The mouth is a haven for millions of germs. Good oral hygiene starts with clean, bacteria-free tools. Here's how to...

How to Make Your Bathroom Shine With a Drill Brush Attachment

Save time and use less elbow grease by cleaning your bathroom with a power drill brush attachment.

5 Best Spa and Jacuzzi Tubs For Your Bathroom

Bathe in comfort and get your own spa experience at home with a luxurious jacuzzi tub.

A Full Guide To Bathroom Cleaning

Follow these steps to establish a weekly bathroom cleaning routine and daily maintenance, using expert-recommended products.

The Top Bathroom Decor Trends of 2023

These top bathroom decor trends include some gorgeous natural finishes on cabinetry!

11 Basement Bathroom Ideas to Amp Up the Overlooked Space

Looking to revamp the downstairs? These basement bathroom ideas will upgrade the space quicker than you think.

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10 Storage Ideas for Tiny Bathrooms

Even the smallest bathrooms can be organized with the right storage solutions!

I Tried a Stone Bath Mat and My Review Made Me Swear Off Terrycloth

Stone bath mats dry almost instantly and add modern style to any bathroom. Plus, they're more hygienic than fabric versions.

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11 Storage Tips for Cutting Clutter

Need more places to store your stuff? We asked our pro storage gurus for their favorite storage tips and advice.

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This Is Why Public Toilet Seats Are Shaped Like a U

Have you noticed that the toilet seats in public restrooms look a little different than your toilet at home?

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Here’s How to Remove a Cast Iron Tub

Removing a cast iron tub is a labor-intensive project, but it can be done by patient DIYers. Here's how.

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A Guide To Pipe Fittings and How To Use Them

If you're doing a plumbing installation or repair, you'll need to buy pipe and pipe fittings. Here's some help figuring...

Should You Still Be Painting Your Bathroom White?

White bathrooms are all the rage on Pinterest, but did you know they could actually distort your reflection? Here's why.

Should You Convert To Bamboo Toilet Paper?

If you don't like the idea of chopping down forests to make toilet paper, consider switching to an alternative: bamboo...

How to Remove Soap Scum

Find out how to remove stubborn soap scum from all your bathroom surfaces and stop it from coming back.

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8 Best Bathtub Cleaners

It's time to say goodbye to the filth creeping in your bathtub. To get it clean and shining again, you...

These Shower Shelves Are the TikTok Viral Bathroom Upgrade Everyone Needs

I've used these bathroom shower shelves for over a year and I'm obsessed. They're easy to install, and most importantly,...

9 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas to Revamp a Powder Room

Bring fresh pattern and color to your bathroom with these chic bathroom wallpaper ideas from Instagram.

What Is a Wet Room Bathroom?

Spacious and luxurious wet room bathrooms provide a spa-like experience in your own home.

Can You Paint Bathroom Tile?

Yes, you can paint bathroom tile. But you need to carefully clean and prepare the tile, and you need the...

How To Frame a Bathroom Mirror

Framing a mirror isn't complicated or expensive, even for a novice DIYer.