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9 Award-Winning Products From the 2023 International Builders’ Show

With IBS 2023 in the rearview, it's time to take a look at some of the best the trade show had to offer. Here are the winners of the Best of IBS Awards.

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The Door Stud Pro Ecomm Thedoorstud.comVIA MERCHANT

The Door Stud

Award: Best in Show

The Door Stud took home this year’s “Best in Show” award, along with another for “Best Window and Door Products.” It makes it simple for one person to transport and install a door with an extra set of helping hands. The Door Stud is all one person needs to square and level a door — you won’t even need to bust out your shims.

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Ct1 Carpenter Trailer Ecomm On Sitebuildingsolutions.comVIA MERCHANT

CT1 Mobile Carpenter Workshop Trailer

Award: Most Innovative Construction Tool

Talk about all-in-one! On-Site Building Solution’s Mobile Carpenter Workshop Trailer has everything you need for a carpentry basecamp, including individual stations for a track saw, table saw, router table and several other standard power tools.

Connecting it all is the onboard dust collection system, which automatically contains sawdust via a series of vacuums. The CT1 fits in a parking space or a standard residential garage and comes with two built-in power sources.

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Span Drive Ecomm Span.ioVIA MERCHANT

Span Drive

Award: Best Energy Efficient Product wha

As the popularity of electric vehicles rises, so does the number of people who want an electric vehicle charger in their home garage. And according to the judges at IBS 2023, the Span Drive is the clear choice for at-home EV charging.

Typically, installing a fast-charging EV charger in a garage requires an electrical service upgrade. That’s not the case with the Span Drive. The Drive is an add-on to the company’s cutting-edge electrical panel. By combining the Span Panel and Drive, homeowners can charge EVs at a blistering rate of 41 miles of range per hour without changing their electrical.

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Bilt Buildersshow.comVIA MERCHANT


Award: Best Home Software Product

Bilt is one of the world’s leading professional 3D design platforms. Bilt speeds up work across the job site by providing workers with interactive 3D models of the installation they’re working on. These allow workers to visualize and go through processes before attempting them in the real world, leading to fewer mistakes and more precise work.

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Combo Limbo Stand Rgb BwCourtesy of GE

GE Profile UltraFast Combo

Award: Best Home Technology Product

Doing two things at once is always a good thing — as long as both things are done well. Luckily, the new GE Profile UltraFast Combo is a two-in-one washer/dryer that performs both tasks to perfection.

The UltraFast Combo features a high-airflow ventless drying system that GE claims is 50% more efficient than required for Energy Star certification among standard dryers. The system offers convenience, too, allowing the washer/dryer combo to be installed without external venting.

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Overture Automated Indoor Air Quality System Ecomm Broan Nutone.comVIA MERCHANT

Overture Automated Indoor Air Quality System

Award: Best Indoor Product

Indoor air quality has become much more of a focus in recent years. The Overture Automated Indoor Air Quality System by Broan-NuTone monitors the air in a home through a system of sensors.

When Overture detects air pollution like smoke, carbon dioxide or VOCs in a room, it activates a nearby ventilation fan. The fan then removes the pollution from the room while pulling in clean air from outside.

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Bluestar Dual Fuel Range Ecomm Bluestarcooking.comVIA MERCHANT

BlueStar Dual Fuel Range

Award: Best Kitchen & Bath Product

Gas stove emissions have been in the news lately, but that didn’t stop BlueStar’s Dual Fuel Range from taking home the “Best Kitchen and Bath Product” award at IBS 2023.

The Dual Fuel Range would be the perfect centerpiece of any foodie’s dream kitchen. It’s got everything you need to cook up a five-course meal, including an electric convection oven with eight cooking modes, and large gas burners that can be precisely tuned to the perfect temps.

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Hydaway Hydraulic Walls Ecomm Hydawaywalls.comVIA MERCHANT

HydAway Hydraulic Walls

Award: Best Outdoor Product

HydAway has been making hydraulic walls since 1992, and it’s abundantly clear by now they know what they’re doing. The small touches are what make these walls special — things like the specially designed cylinders that cut down on noise by reducing the speed of the wall just as it finishes closing.

Hydaway hydraulic walls are sleek, quiet and a great way to make the walls or doors of your next project stand out.

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Elevation Cable Rail Ecomm Barretteoutdoorliving.comVIA MERCHANT

Elevation Cable Rail

Award: Most Innovative Building Materials

Cable railing offers the minimalist, modern look many homeowners are looking for. But they can also be a pain to install. Until now.

Barrette Outdoor Living’s RDI Elevation Rail changes the game by coming in pre-assembled kits. Barrette claims these can be installed 38 percent faster than its competition. In one of the biggest time savers, Elevation Rail does not require every cable to be individually tightened. Instead, its built-in “OneTen” system (patent pending) can tension every cable in a section of railing all at once.