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7 Amazing Woodworking Projects You Can Make for Your Pet

Make your pet happy with these incredible projects you can DIY.

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Dog Ramp LeadFamily Handyman

Collapsible Dog Ramp

This simple dog ramp collapses down to a compact size that fits easily under a bed or sofa or inside a closet. Follow the video tutorial and step-by-step plans below to build one for your best friend.

Do you like the headboard in the background? Build it out of a single sheet of plywood by following the how-to photos here.

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saturday morning workshop dog bowl stand max

Pet Bowl Stand

This design for a pet bowl stand is a great opportunity to perfect your pocket-hole prowess and, who knows, it could blossom into an idea for a side or coffee table. All you need are some basic tools and hardware. Depending on the size of your dog and your bowls, the dimensions may vary. Ready for a next-level woodworking project? Check out what’s available at My DIY University here.

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reader project dog ramp


This reader-project from Doug Swanson is a spectacular ramp and bed are perfect for an older dog. “My two dachshunds both love being able to see out of our front window, but one of them has recently developed back issues, which made it difficult for him to jump up on the old window seat.” We love the idea!

Thinking about renovating an older house? Check out this pros and cons list before you jump in head first.

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classic doghouse

Classic Doghouse

Build this awesome doghouse from our May 1995 issue of The Family Handyman which features some furry friends as the K-9 carpenters. All you need is an afternoon and some standard materials to build this new home for your pup.

Our K-9 models aren’t always wearing the proper safety garb. Click here to find the essential pieces of safety gear every DIYer should own. 

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FH10JUN_509_05_T01-1200 dog kennelFamily Handyman

Chain Link Outdoor Dog Kennels

Follow these guidelines for building outdoor dog kennels, including expert advice on kennel size, fencing materials, flooring, the dog house and other top. And these dog kennel ideas may also help with design inspiration.

Chain link fences don’t need to be replaced when they start to look shabby. Learn how to repair them here!

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Neat and Tidy Pet Food DispenserFamily Handyman

Neat and Tidy Pet Food Dispenser

Build this bin and you can fill the dog dish with the flick of a finger and do away with that crumpled bag of dog food lying on the garage floor. This bin easily holds two 20-lb. bags of food and allows you to dispense it right into the dish. And you can store two types of food so the cat won’t get jealous. Slide open the ‘blast gate’ and food falls into the dish. A hinged top allows easy refilling. Get the instructions to make your own pet food dispenser (it is the third project in this article).

Are you worried more about your food than your dog’s? Check out these must have food storage containers.

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DIY Dog HousePhoto: Courtesy of Corey Hosick

Ultimate Doghouse

Reader Corey Hosick built the ultimate shelter for his two German Shepard dogs. It’s equipped with so many bells and whistles for his fur babies. Check out all of the great photos from Corey!