When Is the Best Time of Day To Mow the Lawn?

Warming temps and blooming flowers signify a return to yardwork. This includes mowing the lawn. But is there a best time of day to cut the grass?

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In Minnesota, where I live, I typically mow my lawn once each week. Of course, this varies by the time of year. The grass grows much slower during the spring months, accelerating as the hot summer months roll in. During fall, grass growth slows as it prepares for dormancy during the winter.

I like to get my lawn chores done early in the day, but is that the best time? Eric Hansen, park maintenance supervisor for the City of St. Paul, Minn., says yes. “The best practice is to wait until the morning dew dissipates, but before the heat of the day,” Hansen said.

We’re curious what time our readers mow their lawns. Take our poll to see how your lawn mowing time stacks up.


Time of day isn't the only factor that affects when we do our chores. Other considerations include work and family schedules, homeowner covenants, city ordinances, weather, where you live and a host of other things.

Early morning mowing may be frowned upon by your neighbors, but if you live in the country, does the time matter? Does neighborly etiquette shift during the winter? Is it more acceptable to fire up your snowblower at sunup than to mow your lawn at a similar time?

If we consider only the health of the grass itself, there remains some debate, but also some agreement. It’s generally accepted you should avoid mowing during the heat of a summer day. Lawns are already stressed by a lack of moisture and sustain damage more easily if you mow then.

It’s also well-known that mowing wet grass isn’t good for it, either. Wet grass clumps together in your mower and on your lawn, damaging roots and creating brown spots.

Two lawn and garden heavyweights, Scotts and Troy-Bilt, offer differing opinions. Scotts says early evening is the best time to mow, while Troy-Bilt says mid-morning is best. Both, however, agree you should avoid early morning because of wet grass, and the hottest part of the day to lessen lawn stress.

What time of day do you think is best to mow your lawn?

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