Spring Cleaning: Organizing Your Room in an Hour

With a well-conceived plan and a single hour, you can clean and organize your bedroom and create a space you can use to relax and recharge.

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cleaning bedroomfotostorm/Getty Images

Spring is fast approaching and that means it’s time to get around to organizing the most important room in your house: Your bedroom.

We’ve got some great tips for how to organize your room in under an hour to create the serene space you need to recharge.

Plan Out Your Attack

First things first. If you’re going to clear the clutter in one hour, you need to plan ahead. You don’t want your efforts sidetracked while you’re searching for a storage box. Be sure to have a box for items you will donate, a box for items you’re not sure about, and a box or bag for trash. Items you’re keeping will be put where they belong — on shelves, in the closet or in drawers.

Now take a good look at your room. Think hard about how and where you want to store everything. Buy any storage containers, such as linen bags and a shoe organizer, ahead of time so you’re ready to hit the ground running.

Do a Swift Sweep

Clean your room with an initial sweep. Throw trash into a garbage bag and bring dirty clothing into the laundry room. Now you can use the bed as a clearing station.

As you work through each area, spread items out on your bed so you can see everything clearly. Plus you’ll have to finish quickly or you’ll have nowhere to sleep!

Stick to an Organization System

A haphazard approach doesn’t work here. Pick one area — a bookshelf for example — and place everything from it on the bed. Then consider each item or group of items.

Keep what you truly want and ditch the rest. Don’t get distracted or overthink things. Work quickly and methodically. Then repeat the process for other areas of your room.

Clear Your Closet

Closets are a magnet for clutter. Rapidly go through all clothing items and only keep those that fit and you truly love.

Have proper skirt/trouser hangers. Invest in a scarf hanger. Use drawer-dividers for socks and undies, and hooks for purses and hats. Store off-season clothing in under-bed boxes if space is limited. And don’t forget to sort through your shoes and boots.

Organizing Your Room: Find Hidden Storage Space

Once you’ve decluttered, look for open areas in your bedroom or closet. Brainstorm storage solutions that could transform these areas into additional storage space.

Is there extra wall space for more shelves, or space for a storage trunk at the end of your bed? If so, use it to your advantage.

Choose Your Nightstand Wisely

Bedside storage also attracts clutter like keys, loose change and of course phones. So choose a storage solution that hides the clutter in bedside drawers, or this clever floating shelf with built-in drawer.

small three-drawer dresser makes your nightstand do double duty, gaining more space for bedside necessities and then some.

Get Rid of the Old

It’s hard to keep a dressing table clutter-free, but it can be done. Chuck out any toiletries or cosmetics that are old or no longer used. Use drawers with dividers, small baskets or stacking storage so everything is at hand but tidied away. Keep a trash can for used tissues, cotton balls, etc.

Organizing Your Room: Use Your Door Space

Doors are often overlooked when considered how to organize your room. Hooks are great for hanging a bathrobe, or items you need for tomorrow like your outfit, scarf and hat. Hanging plastic pockets that hook over the top of a door are great for storing small items like electrical chargers, so you can see at a glance where each charger is without spending hours untangling cables.

Keep Up with the Clutter

And there you have it. By preparing well and working speedily, you really can get your room organized in an hour. But once you’re organized, don’t throw that hard-won victory away by collecting more junk! Think before you buy anything new, and stop buying these items if you truly want to stay clutter-free.