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The Best Infrared Space Heaters to Keep You Toasty All Winter Long

These infrared space heaters are well-suited for indoor and outdoor use. They also start to work right away—no warm-up time required!

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Duraflame+dual+edge+electric+infrared+quartz+heater (3)VIA MERCHANT

Infrared space heaters use infrared light rays to generate heat, as opposed to traditional ceramic space heaters that use a heating element to warm the air itself. These infrared light rays travel through the air, and when absorbed by your skin, transfer their energy into heat. This concept is very similar to how the rays of the sun warm your body when you walk in the sunlight. It’s also what makes infrared space heaters an ideal option for outdoor spaces like a patio or deck, since their rays won’t dissipate like the radiant heat from other types of space heaters.

Regardless of the type of space heater you choose, make sure to closely follow any included safety recommendations. Here are our picks for the best infrared space heaters to keep you toasty and warm on the chilliest of days.

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Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best Overall Infrared Space Heater

Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater

If you’re looking for infrared space heaters that are easy to use and convenient to move from room to room, the Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater fits the bill. A large LCD screen on the front of the unit clearly shows the current temperature, and the convenient remote control allows you to adjust the settings from across the room. The four rolling casters also make it easy to roll, so it’s a cinch to warm up any cold room.


  • Straightforward controls
  • Made of real wood
  • 12-hour timer


  • Retro look might clash with your home decor

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Heat Storm Wifi Infrared Heater Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best Wall-Mounted Infrared Space Heater

Heat Storm WiFi Infrared Heater

The wall-mounted Heat Storm infrared heater is a perfect option for those short on floor space (like in a bathroom), or if you simply don’t want another appliance cluttering up a room. If you mount it over an outlet you can conceal the power cord entirely, giving this infrared space heater a sleek, professional look. This unit also features WiFi connectivity, allowing you to completely control it from your phone.


  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Nine pound weight is easy to lift into place
  • Integrated power cord storage


  • Not as portable as freestanding units

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Dr Infrared Heater Advanced Dual Heating System Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best Infrared Space Heater With Humidifier

Dr Infrared Advanced Dual Heating System

The built-in humidifier of the Dr Infrared Advanced Dual Heating System increases the overall humidity of your space, combatting the dry winter air that causes chapped lips and respiratory issues. This unit also generates an impressive amount of heat, and a convenient oscillating fan distributes the humidity around the room.

One reviewer especially appreciates the sinus relief they experience from this machine. Christa, an Amazon verified purchaser, writes: “This heater has been life-changing! In winter, I usually wake up in the morning with a headache from my sinuses getting dried out by the heat. That has not happened since getting this heater with built-in humidifier.”


  • Eliminates need for a separate humidifier
  • Oscillating fan spreads moisture evenly
  • Can be used with or without fan


  • Pricey

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Heat Storm Infrared Tripod And Heater Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best Infrared Space Heater for Outdoor Use

Heat Storm Infrared Tripod Heater

The weather resistance of the Heat Storm tripod heater makes it well-suited for setting up in your backyard, patio, balcony or deck. The tripod allows you to adjust the heater height from 3 to 7 feet in the air, and the rubber feet prevent it from slipping and sliding around.

One verified Amazon reviewer, Theologicae, put the heater on her patio and comments on how easy it is to use, writing: “I like the simplicity of this heater. There’s a single switch rather than a remote control, and one setting—on—which unleashes the full 1,500 watts.”


  • Weather-resistant construction ideal for outdoor use
  • Easy to set up
  • 13-foot power cord
  • Adjustable height


  • Relatively limited heating area
  • May be too bulky for some

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Duraflame+electric+stovevia merchant

Best Fireplace-Style Infrared Space Heater

Duraflame Electric Stove

Designed to look like a wood-burning fireplace—complete with logs and 3D flames—the Duraflame Electric Stove is perfect for those who don’t want a traditional space-heater look. Five adjustable flame brightness settings help create a cozy, rustic atmosphere. It can also be used with or without heat, making it suitable for warmer months as well. Assembly is easy and controls can be adjusted on the unit, or with the included remote control.


  • Doesn’t look like a space heater
  • Range of speed and brightness settings
  • Light enough to move around easily


  • Pricey

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Korra+23.75''+w+fireplace+insertvia merchant

Best Fireplace Insert Infrared Space Heater

Gracie Oaks Korra Fireplace Insert

The Gracie Oaks Korra Fireplace Insert fits into your existing fireplace, allowing you to re-create the experience of a glowing fire without the cleanup or maintenance hassle. The faux-brick interior, combined with the realistic logs and multi-flame feature, makes this insert difficult to tell from the real thing. This infrared space heater is effective enough to cover 1,000 square feet, with seven temperature levels to choose from.


  • LED glowing embers
  • Includes remote control
  • Offers five brightness levels


  • Requires fireplace

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Duraflame+dual+edge+electric+infrared+quartz+heater (2)via merchant

Best Compact Infrared Space Heater

Duraflame Quartz Heater

Thanks to its 7-inch height and 12-pound weight, the Duraflame Quartz Heater takes up minimal space and is convenient for frequent transport. The low profile allows it to be stored horizontally or vertically (like on a bookshelf), making it an excellent choice for those who need infrared space heaters, but are low on space. It also features a digital thermostat and LED readout, so you can easily adjust and monitor the current setting.


  • Portable design
  • 10 temperature settings
  • Includes remote control


  • Slightly noisy

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Lifesmart+23 +3 Quartz+infrared+tower+heater+with+oscillation,+remote+control+and+timer,+3+settingsvia merchant

Best Infrared Space Heater Tower

LifeSmart Infrared Tower Heater

The 23.3 inch height and small footprint of the LifeSmart Infrared Tower Heater allows it to provide an impressive amount of heat while taking up minimal floor space. The height also makes it easier to access the intuitive controls, requiring less bending over than shorter options. For those who want infrared space heaters that forgo the typical black plastic appearance, the wooden exterior gives this heater a more modern look.


  • Slim frame doesn’t take up much room
  • Oscillating operation
  • Large digital readout


  • Pricey

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