Color-Changing Pinecones Make Fireplaces Magical

Turn up the heat this holiday season with color-changing pinecones. Add them to any fireplace or fire pit and watch in wonder as the flames burn rainbow bright!

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Looking to bring a little holiday magic to your living room or backyard during the darkest days of the year? Search no further. Color Changing Pinecones are sure to become a favorite family tradition. Add them to your wood burning fireplace or fire pit and watch the colorful flames add instant cheer.

If we didn’t know any better, we’d guess Santa might have left a little magic behind on his way back up the chimney. Fireplace decor doesn’t get more fun.

What are color-changing fireplace pinecones?

Natural pinecones are treated with flame colorants that turn bright with heat. Fireplace pinecones add a cozy rainbow of color to regular flames. Each cone burns different hues for about 10 minutes (give or take a few minutes). Throw in a bunch at once for big results or toss a few in at a time to extend the colorful show.

The cones also make fun holiday gifts for campers and friends who love to host. These are some of our favorite outdoor Christmas decorations.

How to Use Color-Changing Fireplace Pinecones

Using color-chaning fireplace pinecones is as simple as adding them like kindling to a wood-burning fire. You can use the pinecones indoors and outdoors, on any wood-burning fire. Each pinecone burns for about 10 or 15 minutes, and colors range from blue and green to blue and pink. Add them to an indoor fireplace and gather the family around the hearth or toss them into a fire pit and watch the bright flames burn against winter’s night sky. Don’t forget to check out these expert tips on indoor fireplace safety.

For fireplace safety, these color-changing pinecones should not be used with gas or propane fires. Don’t cook over flames after using them.

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The Best Amazon User Reviews

Verified purchaser Henrietta Gregory says color-changing pinecones add to the ambience of a lit fire. “These are lovely to add a few at a time to a fire. Bought as a gift and the recipient was delighted.”

Five-star reviewer Sabrina Tamez says, “These are always a huge hit at the bonfire and music festivals. The kids love seeing all the colors in the fire.”

Julia Racin gifted the pinecones to her daughter who loved using them in her fire pit and indoor fireplace. Julia says, “Love this product, [it] shipped to us in a timely manner…Would recommend this for anyone with an outside firepit and indoor fireplace—makes the fire have more depth and color.”

Where can I buy color-changing fireplace pinecones?

Plow & Hearth Flame Color Changing Pine Cones Fireplace Accessory Ecomm Amazon.comVIA MERCHANT

Toss these colorful cones in your wood fires this holiday season for an enchanting, wintery glow. Snag them on Amazon for $24 for a two-pound bag or buy them directly from Plow&Hearth. Five and six pound bags are also available, and they come in a charming burlap sack that looks rustic by the fireplace. May your days (and fires) be merry and bright this holiday season!

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