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20 Reasons Why It Might Be Time for You to Move

There's no decision quite like the choice to move to a different home, whether you're staying in the same area or moving across the country. Not sure if moving to a different house is the right call right now? Here's a collection of solid reasons people choose to move on to a new place to live.

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The Old House is Too SmallRobert Kneschke/Shutterstock

The Old House is Too Small

Your family may be growing, you've decided to work from home, or you're just feeling a little squeezed. Whatever the reason, your idea of a great home includes more spacious rooms, better storage, taller ceilings and maybe a larger yard. It may be time to look for a house that meets your real space needs instead of holding you back. Plus: Easy storage ideas for around the house
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Home Equity Has Risen, Expanding OpportunitiesFamily Handyman

Home Equity Has Risen, Expanding Opportunities

Equity refers to the value of property, minus any debts connected to the property (mortgages, lines of credit, etc.). More equity is generally a good thing. As you pay down a mortgage, finish impactful renovations, or wait as the housing market in your area improves, you are gaining equity. A point may come when taking advantage of your hard work and the current market means cashing out—selling your home and using the extra money to upgrade your living situation. Plus: Home renovations that don't take as long as you think
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The Commute is Too Longstockfotoart/Shutterstock

The Commute is Too Long

At a certain point, a commute becomes a burden. If your commute is taking valuable time away from your family or personal goals, look for a home closer to your work. It may be worth it to downsize to a smaller home instead of losing too many hours out of every workday.  
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Important Educational Opportunities are AvailableAN NGUYEN/shutterstock

Important Educational Opportunities are Available

If you have the opportunity to pursue your dream of attending an educational program, but it's not near where you live, consider moving. Labs and other experiential activities can't be replicated online.
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A Better Neighborhood for Your

A Better Neighborhood for Your Kids

If you want to raise kids in a neighborhood with great schools, parks, bike trails and lots of other kids, you may need to move. Research neighborhoods by spending time there and talking to people who live there. Plus: How to get kids started in DIY activities
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Mold or BugsPumbastyle/Shutterstock

Mold or Bugs

Although there are DIY solutions for both mold and pests, if you've done what you can, or spent a lot for professional remediation or extermination, and you still have these problems, it might be time to move. You shouldn't feel like your home is out to get you.
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Relocating for a Jobg-stockstudio/Shutterstock

Relocating for a Job

A job offer or the opportunity to relocate for your current job may be the perfect reason to make a move. Moving expenses may be paid for by the employer and if a pay raise isn't offset by a higher coast of living, this move is a win-win.
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It Could be Your Last ChancePureRadiancePhoto/Shutterstock

It Could be Your Last Chance

Maybe that perfect neighborhood you have your eye on is changing. Perhaps prices are climbing out of your reach, or the homes in a new development are almost all sold. Don't lose out on the chance to get into the home you want by waiting to long to make a move. Plus: Tips for getting more from a home inspection
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A Place for PetsFamily Handyman

A Place for Pets

Pets have an impact on moving decisions, too! This is particularly true if you have a beloved pet that needs plenty of outdoor space that your current home can't really provide (or if you're hoping to get an active pet in the future). Check into handy walking trails, dog parks and other pet-friendly amenities. Plus: Tips for pet care and pet safety
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A Major Relationship ChangeDitty_about_summer/Shutterstock

A Major Relationship Change

One of the most common reasons people move between 5 and 25 miles from their current home is a change in a relationship. (Interestingly, after 50 miles, this number drops to nearly zero.) Sometimes major relationship changes require a new decision about living arrangements. Plus: How to Complete a Renovation Without Getting a Divorce
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You Have the Chance to Build a Custom HouseFranck Boston/Shutterstock

You Have the Chance to Build a Custom House

Have you always dreamed of building—or at least planning—your own house from the ground up, including all those amenities you've always wanted? Don't let that opportunity pass you by. If you find the right property at the right time and for a good price, this is the time to build a house to your specifications. Plus: Build a low-cost custom closet
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You Can No Longer Afford Your Current HomeWAYHOME studio/Shutterstock

You Can No Longer Afford Your Current Home

Decreased income, higher taxes and other factors can make owning your current home difficult. There are potential solutions to these problems, from refinancing to finding new employment, but homeowners should also consider moving. Downsizing to a less expensive house is a very effective way to save money, especially in a relatively healthy housing market. Plus: Frugal living tips for homeowners
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A Place in the Sun

A Place in the Sun

Climate remains one of the most popular reasons for people to move. It's no surprise that sunnier areas tend to be more popular, but some homeowners may simply prefer a more temperate, predictable climate with fewer weather problems. Plus: Heating and cooling maintenance and ideas
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Local Activities No Longer Match Your Interests

Local Activities No Longer Match Your Interests

It's natural to grow and develop new hobbies and interests. Plus, kids and significant others do the same thing. However, sometimes your current location doesn't support the fun pastimes you're invested in. This is why people love to move to locations with plenty of outdoor activities, or urban areas with an exciting nightlife that better suits their personality.
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The Market Allows You to Buy More House with Lessmichaeljung/Shutterstock

The Market Allows You to Buy More House with Less

Even if your equity hasn't grown very much yet, other regions or cities may have very different housing markets. Add in the potential for finding better home loan interest rates, and you may have a good reason to consider moving to an area where you can find a bigger, newer house that doesn't cost as much. Plus: What to consider when buying a house
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Friends and FamilySyda Productions/Shutterstock

Friends and Family

Sometimes a job or school opportunity forces a move away from family and friends. However, there are also reasons to move closer to them! When family members fall ill or you realize that your friends mean more to you than a bigger paycheck, a move back to the familiar may make a lot of sense. Plus: House hunting and buying mistakes to avoid
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The Entrepreneurial SpiritGaudiLab/Shutterstock

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurs know that location is an important aspect of starting a new venture. Certain cities have reputations for being particularly friendly to tech startups, new business owners, innovative restaurant ideas, entrants in burgeoning industries, and so on. If your passion is starting a business, moving to make it work could be the first step. Plus: 17 US inventions: From DIYers; For DIYers
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Too Many HasslesGary Blakeley/Shutterstock

Too Many Hassles

We all have pet peeves. If your current home is in a neighborhood with too much traffic, noise, smog, growing crime rates or other issues, then it's probably time to move on. Plus: Tips for home soundproofing
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Your HealthPKpix/Shutterstock

Your Health

Your health is another reason to make a move. Either people move to be closer to a specific medical treatment facility and better healthcare, or they move because their current climate is bad for their skin, lungs or immune system. Ongoing health problems are a serious reason to consider moving. Plus: Safe and healthy spray painting tips
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You Just Prefer a Fixer-Upper

You Just Prefer a Fixer-Upper

Hey, we get it. Sometimes a house isn't a home unless there's something to fix or improve, even if you aren't planning to sell it in the future. If you've already accomplished the DIY projects your current home needs and you are itchy for DIY activities, think about buying a house that needs your help. It's also a good way to turn your renovations into profit if you decide to sell again. Plus: How to buy a great DIY home