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Auto loans gives you a personal loan of up to $ 250,000 pesos according to the value of your vehicle. They operate in four cities of the Mexican territory and do so with great speed and professionalism, offering comfortable and accessible terms to their clients.

Giving a maximum of two years to pay and letting you drive the car, Auto loans opens the doors to good financing with better interest rates.

Information about personal loans

Information about personal loans Autoloans

Main features

Currently, the economic situation of the country is not the best, which has stagnated many citizens leaving them without the opportunity to grow or work on those projects thought.

Many families want to move forward and thrive, but the lack of income and the shortage of money coupled with the increase in services and other things has caused people to be in a constant search to solve monetary conflicts.

The first thing you think about is the personal loans and other products offered by the entities specialized in traditional financing, which can be a double-edged sword, as well as helping to get out of the inconvenience one is going through, it is very likely that at the same time, it falls into a process of endless debts that only increase in accordance with our lack of payment or the excessive interests of the companies that are dedicated to this business.

Definitely, personal loans are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, because there are a variety of institutions that care more about their own benefit than offering a solution to the problems and / or needs of people.

One type of loan that has emerged in recent years is the loan by car, which is a quick and easy way to get money using a vehicle that the person owns as collateral. At the forefront of this modality is Autoloans, a company available in four cities of the Mexican territory and that only requires a Mexican car that is of the last ten years and is in the name of the person to lend up to 60% of its value.

How do they work?

One of the advantages for which the Autoloans service is characterized is the ease to start the procedures and the comfort offered to the user. Without needing a guarantee and even having a good credit history, following the seven steps described below, people can quickly apply for a loan in this company:

  1. The small form that appears on the contact page is filled out. As we mentioned before, this is a service that is only available in four cities of the country, which are Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mérida and CDMX, so we will have to select the one that is closest.
  2. Once the form has been sent, someone from Autoloans will contact the person to schedule an appointment, either at the company’s offices or at the client’s address, where one of the executives will perform a vehicle and documentation review. .
  3. In this review, a tentative assessment of the vehicle will be determined.
  4. The customer chooses a payment scheme, which can be:
  • Fixed Payments: Fixed monthly payments in installments from 6 to 24 months.
  • Traditional: Monthly interest is paid only and at the end of the term the capital is paid. Maximum periods of 6 months with option to renew.
  1. In case the person accepts the conditions, Autoloans will keep copies of the documentation of the vehicle, which will proceed to verify.
  2. In accordance with the conditions of Autoloans, a second appointment will be scheduled in which an expert technician of the lender will install a Geolocator in the car, only as a preventive measure and to be able to offer the user the freedom to use his car for the duration of the loan.
  3. Subsequently, the contract will be signed and the money will be delivered, which can be by check or through an electronic transfer.

Regarding the costs of the process, Autoloans as a lender, is based on transparency, making it clear on its website that no commission is charged for opening the credit, only charging is for the installation of the geolocator. Also, the interest rates charged by this company will depend on the amount requested; if it is about loans over $ 100,000 pesos, the rate will be 5% monthly, while loans under $ 100,000 pesos will have a rate of 6%.

Another important point to note about this financial product is the ability of the person to be able to make an advance payment of the credit without any penalty, as long as the payment is after the second month.

What do I need to obtain an Auto Loan?

 What do I need to obtain an Autoloans Loan?

In order to carry out a successful procedure with Autoloans, certain requirements must be met, such as:

  • National car (not regularized) with less than 10 years old.
  • Auto must be registered in the name of the person requesting the loan.
  • Deliver copy of the following documents:

> Official identification
> Proof of address with less than 3 months old.
> Circulation card
> Current Insurance Policy

  • Original of the following documents which are kept with us until the loan is settled:

> Automobile bill
> Last 5 payments of holdings or certification thereof
> Vehicle Constancy
> Duplicate of keys

  • Have a comprehensive coverage insurance policy, valid at all times


The car loan model is becoming increasingly popular because of the conditions they offer that give people the opportunity to access financing that does not require them too much to have it or hangs them with high fees and interest. In this sense, Auto loans is presented as an interesting product for people who are in the bureau and who want a loan of a large amount to solve urgent economic problems or meet their goals.

The company

Originating from the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León and with more than 10 years of experience in the sector of loans and personal loans, Auto loans emerges to meet a specific need in the market.

This company is aware that nowadays obtaining a loan in cash is not an easy task. The banks ask for too many requirements and the procedures are very slow. Even when you have an excellent credit history, getting a quick and timely personal loan is almost impossible. Other options such as pawnshops charge exorbitant interest rates and require people to leave their cars, which takes away peace and tranquility because they do not know if due care is being taken.

Whether the person wants to inject capital into their business, go on vacation or simply need liquidity, Auto loans can find a quick, easy and convenient way to get a loan in cash without the need for those endless procedures and requirements.